The Energy of Life starts inside your cellular engines.

Energy starts as food and nutrients, and ends as ATP, energy currency. And your mitochondria, inside almost every cell in your body, are behind it all. 

Mitochondria power important and diverse cellular functions. They produce ATP, and they also drive the production of immune cells that drives your immune response.  

Mitochondria burn hot. They get tired and gummed up with oxidative stress. When we’re under stress, our mitochondria are too. But too often, we don’t get enough of the important stuff our mitochondria need to do their work.

What stuff do mitochondria need?

Mitochondria need their building blocks from food. But getting enough of them is hard even with a healthy diet. It’s stuff like biochemical fuels. Super-powered antioxidants. Botanical adaptogens for immune resilience. And cellular cofactors which act like keys to our molecular locks.

Here’s our stuff: a scientifically studied blend of mitochondrial building blocks: 

  1. Essential vitamins Vitamin C, Vitamin D and zinc which protect and play a vital role in every cell of the body, and are needed for immune function. Unfortunately, many people do not consume enough of these important immune nutrients every day, like we should.

  2. Mitochondrial cofactors astaxanthin, CoQ10 and PQQ -- potent antioxidants that key cellular function in nearly all life forms on Earth. Astaxanthin is a catalyzing ‘multiplier’ antioxidant, while CoQ10 and PQQ work together to speed regeneration of new mitochondria. Together, this micronutrient triad protects and lubricates the gears of your cellular engines.

  3. Adaptogenic, immune-supporting herbs elderberry, ginseng, reishi and astragalus -- rejuvenating plants from the soil, time tested for centuries as handcrafted revitalizing tonics used for generations to improve stamina and strengthen our cellular resilience to life’s challenges.

  4. Kombucha ferment is made from beneficial microorganisms that produce food stuff - like organic malic and acetic acid that are the basis of old tonics, and burned clean by our cells. 


MITO(™) brings together the essential fuel humans need for optimal performance and immune protection. 

    What’s Inside MITO?

    MITO™ is a science-based response to our mitochondrial needs

    When formulating MITO, we sifted through hundreds of ingredients and reviewed thousands of clinical studies.  Here’s the ingredients that made the grade:


    Astaxanthin | The MITO Antioxidant Catalyst

    Astaxanthin is like no other antioxidant. In cells, it works masterfully. Each molecule of astaxanthin mops up thousands of free radicals, priming our cellular engines so that they’re ready to respond to life. 

    Astaxanthin is fat soluble, so it absorbs directly into your mitochondria. That’s why brain health is one of the most interesting and promising areas of research on astaxanthin, out of more than 50 human clinical trials to support multiple facets of human performance and resilience.

    Our natural astaxanthin is sustainably harvested from algae grown in the USA. 


    Vitamin D  |  The Sunshine Vitamin

    Not too many drinks contain the most important vitamin that many of us don’t get enough of. 

    Water soluble Vitamin D3 in MITO™ is the active form of the “sunshine vitamin” that’s essential for cellular and mitochondrial function.  

    One can of MITO contains 100% of the daily value for Vitamin D, (20 mcg) about the same amount in 8 cups of fortified milk.

    MITO’s dosage level of vitamin D has been shown to improve markers of innate immunity and increase vitamin D blood levels which can prevent marginal D deficiency.  


    Vitamin C   |   The Immune Support Vitamin

    Vitamin C is an antioxidant that your immune cells and mitochondria use to offset free radicals and lipid peroxidation. 

    To strengthen your immune shield, MITO contains 200% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin C, (180 mg) about the same as in a large cup of orange juice -- and the maximum amount your body can absorb at any one time.

    MITO’s dosage of Vitamin C has been clinically shown to saturate mitochondria and immune cells, and improve the body’s response to oxidative stress.


    Zinc  |  The Immune Gatekeeper

    Zinc has been called a “gatekeeper” of immune function. Zinc ions are involved in regulating intracellular signaling pathways in both  innate and adaptive immune cells. 

    The human body contains two grams of zinc, and it’s the second most abundant metal in humans. 

    Worldwide, about two billion people are estimated to be affected by zinc deficiency. 

    MITO contains about 50% of the RDA of zinc, (5.5 mg) which is almost twice the amount in one serving of tofu or lentils. The dosage of zinc in MITO has been proven to increase serum zinc levels in the blood.

    And we use zinc citrate, a water soluble form that freely ionizes in water. That means that MITO increases your zinc levels to keep your immune system humming along.


    CoQ10  |  Mitochondrial Optimizer

    Coenzyme Q10 is a mitochondrial antioxidant and co-vitamin shown to protect cells from everyday oxidative damage. 

    CoQ10 acts as an electron carrier in the mitochondrial electron transport chain. It also plays an important role as both electron and proton transporter in the mitochondria.

    Combining CoQ10 with the nutrient PQQ encourages mitochondrial biogenesis, or the growth of new mitochondria. 

    CoQ10 also plays an important part in healthy metabolism and brain health. 


    PQQ  (Pyrroquinoline quinone)  |  Breakthrough Mito Support Nutrient 

    PQQ was proposed as a new vitamin in 2003, because it’s a biocatalyzing antioxidant in almost every cell, supporting the genetic programming that underlies mitochondrial function. 

    PQQ has been found in all plant foods, and is rich in parsley, green peppers and kiwi fruit. PQQ is generated in highest amounts in microorganisms. Higher organisms do not biosynthesize PQQ, so the major source of PQQ for humans is through diet. 

    MITO’s dosage of PQQ (10 mg) has been shown to improve blood markers of antioxidant status and promote mitochondrial health. PQQ has also been shown to improve stress, fatigue and sleep quality in humans. Combining CoQ10 and PQQ results in mitochondrial biogenesis, the creation of new mitochondria. 


    Standardized Elderberry Extract  | Berry Polyphenols for Antibody Health

    Antioxidant-rich elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is packed with purple polyphenols called anthocyanins. 

    Elderberry strengthens healthy antibody production by your immune cells, helping them seek out, target and respond to invaders. 

    We use a cold water extraction process from handpicked fresh berries of the historic Haschberg variety, grown in Austria.

    This solvent-free, full-spectrum standardized extract preserves the natural spectrum of polyphenols and flavonoids from the fruit, while removing the fruit sugars. 


    Standardized Panax Ginseng Extract  | The ATP Switch Flipper

    Consuming the ancient mito-herb flips the mitochondria switch to make ATP needed for cellular energy and immune cell response. As a result, ginseng protects your cellular machinery from ongoing stress and invaders. 

    MITO contains a traditionally concentrated, standardized water-extract of Panax ginseng, or Asian ginseng consistently containing 1% ginsenosides, which are the active mitochondrial support compounds in ginseng. 


    Standardized Organic Reishi Extract  |  The Immunoresilience Mushroom

    Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is a multi-functional immune superstar, because it gently stimulates your body’s innate immunity while targeting mitochondrial antioxidant pathways. The result is healing and rejuvenation, as reported in the traditional literature, and in modern in vivo and human studies

    Our Organic reishi is U.S.-grown and extracted and standardized for 50% polysaccharides, the active compounds in reishi at the foundation for human adaptation and immune resilience.

    Standardized Astragalus Extract | Botanical Telomerase Activator 

    Astragalus membranaceus has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years. Ancient healers observed that consuming astragalus slowed the aging process and increased life span. 

    MITO’s astragalus is concentrated and standardized for the natural spectrum of astragalus in traditional remedies. This includes consistent levels of Astragaloside IV, the compound in astragalus that activates telomerase, the enzyme associated with anti-aging activity. 

    Many old traditional Chinese remedies combine astragalus with ginseng to improve life-force, or qi, and to gain strength after times of weakness.


    Organic Kombucha Ferment  |  Fermented Krebs Cycle Intermediates

    Our Organic Kombucha Ferment provides the same building blocks of life from microorganisms that teemed the fruits and flowers of prehistoric Earth.  

    As a result, malic and acetic acid in our ferment have been long integrated into human biochemistry, serving as cellular building blocks and Krebs cycle intermediates for mitochondrial ATP synthesis.